Web Design Amsterdam Based Company


We are a web design Amsterdam based company. We offer services to businesses located in Amsterdam. Since we understand we can not service everyone we tend to focus on what’s important to our clients and how we can be of help to them.

There are lots of websites being built each single day… But how do you stand out as a business and find the right clients ??

Well, here we just focus on your needs and how to get your website ranking and get you those paying clients.

So, what you should know before you start the journey of building an a great website


Website Ranking on Google

Many visual websites are developed each single day but few make it on google.

What if you are one of those people who keep wondering why your website doesn’t get organic traffic.

We recommend you search your website on google first before you contact your web design agency.

Once you have discovered what shows up on google when your website is searched then you can take action to improve or build a new website.

  • Site Speed

  • Mobile Responsiveness

  • Niche


Website Visual Designs

Web design goes hand in hand with a few important aspects;

  1. Good visuals such as images  and video that’s tell a story of your products or services.
  2. A colour scheme that represents your band to keep a recognisable identity.
  3. Size, format of your visuals are important because they contribute on how fast your site loads.

Need help on branding of creating content for your website ? We are here to help don’t hesitate to call on us